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A formula for success!

Accompagnement linguistique en néerlandaisMaybe you need to attend a trade show or you have to make a presentation. A comprehensive understanding of the language is essential for success.

Axentonik ensures you a positive outcome, helping you where you need it: public speaking, production of written materials, conversation practice...

Giving presentations in French or Dutch[Back to top]

You know your subject better than anyone else. We help you prepare in either French or Dutch. We carefully go through the entire presentation in the target language and anticipate questions from the audience.

Job interview [Back to top]

We work together using classic interview questions. You'll be fully prepared for when you attend the interview that may determine your future career.

Commercial negociation[Back to top]

Your coach will take the role of a dissatisfied client. We give you the tools to defend your position, negotiate a better contract, pay raise or address customer complaints.

Come join the fun as we push realism to the limits! We can meet at a restaurant and have practice conversations, playing such roles as client and service provider, or buyer and seller, etc. Throughout the meal, the conversation will be in the target language.

Exam preparation [Back to top]

Whatever your level (beginner ,intermediate, advanced) or preparation for entry exams for public service, government..., we offer you targeted assistance. During the course, we evaluate the progress of your language acquisition and respond to your specific questions.

We prepare you for written or oral exams and according to your needs, we can anticipate the trick questions !