You'll just love learning French and Dutch!

Axentonik offers French and Dutch classes at all levels in accordance with the European framework standards.  We offer language coaching for professionals, privates and students.

Courses on the go

Whether on a sailboat, at a restaurant or on the go, Axentonik gives you a context in which to effectively practice your target language in a natural surrounding. Our French and Dutch courses >>

Coaching towards specific tasks

We offer to coach you in your particular projects such as presentations, business negotiation, job interviews, as well as general review. Our goal is your success ! Language assistance >>

Total immersion

Seize every opportunity to enter a 100% Dutch or French speaking environment through lunch time conversations, conversation table, or why not experience another culture through sport, leisure and of course intensive practice of the language ? French and Dutch immersion >>

Customized learning

Do you have oral or visual memory ? Are you holistic or analytical ? Possibly you have specific requirements for your profession. We adapt to your learning style and needs.

"The day I realized that it was okay. to make mistakes, my inhabitions were lifted. Thank you!" - Anne