French or Dutch immersion

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Thinking and dreaming in French or Dutch

We offer several ways to immerse yourself, for a few hours, in another language. Maybe you have a favourite place to study a language, or perhaps learning 'on the go' is more your style. Don't worry, we'll gladly accompany you.

Table talk [Back to top]

If you are already at a comfortable level and just want to practice by sharing ideas or opinions, join our conversation table in the evenings on the weekends.

Business lunch [Back to top]

No time to take a language course ? Lets meet at a restaurant ! Through role playing exercises, you will improve your language and communication skills without even realizing it. Your coach takes notes during the meal and you meet for coffee and a debriefing to address and correct errors.

Living language immersion [Back to top]

Combine business with pleasure! We don't have pre-determined destinations, you can choose any you wish, preferably in a language appropriate atmosphere. As for activities, what about a sailing trip or a relaxing nautical experience. Possible outings include museums, shopping, hiking, the possibilities are endless.

"My wife and I went to Brugge for a weekend with Axentonik. We spoke Dutch from breakfast in the morning, until cocktails at night. I never imagined making as much progress in just two days plus I had a wonderful weekend."