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You'll be amazed at what you can do even after the first session.

Cours de néerlandais à domicileAt Axentonik, learning is based on language practice and adapted to the level and daily need of each student. The goal is to become self-reliant by removing obstacles to success.

Axentonik respects the skill levels issued by the European Council (beginner to advanced).

Individual lessons at home or away[Back to top]

What better place than your farmiliar comfortable environment to optimise your learning ? Every opportunity to learn and practice 'in the real world' is beneficial. We can share recipes in the kitchen, comment on current events from the newspaper, visit a museum, go to a café or go shopping... With one or two sessions of two hours per week, you will quickly become self sufficient in your target language.

Business courses[Back to top]

We could schedule to visit you at work every week for a one or two hour session. The emphasis would be speaking and listening comprehension while exploring work related scenerios.

Intensive courses[Back to top]

Are you in a hurry? We also offer an intensive course of 4 to 5 sessions of 4 hours per week at your home or business.

Courses in small groups (2 to 5 people) [Back to top]

Do you have friends at a similar level? Why not form your own group and take advantage of group dynamics and rates ?

See also our immersion options (business lunch, conversation, language courses....).