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A fresh and young business that benefits from years of experience

Patrick Van den Driesch, the instructor, was raised in a perfectly bilingual family (his father a Dutch speaker, and mother a French speaker). This gives him the ability to more effectively remove any barriers from students, learning either language. As language issues in either language arise, they are quickly identified and eliminated.

Your trainer offers years of teaching experience in the language, the technical and the commercial field. He has a practical knowledge of commercial and technical expertise from his experience working in a large multinational company. This gives him the skills essential to effectively teach in a business environement.

Our approach: to speak is to learn!

Our emphasis at Axentonik is active learning. The students never simply attend lectures given by the instructor and complete boring exercises.

Our continuous goal is to adapt to each student's environment and learning style (oral or visual). We strive to encourage free oral expression.